Here is what Customers are saying about Tri State Custom Windows

Jean Halverson Dodgeville, WI

“You have a very good crew.  Footprints in the snow is the only obvious sign of the replacements, inside or out.  Of course, the windows are draft free and close tightly but don’t look much different.  I’ll really appreciate them in summer when warm air will only come in when the upper window, which should be safe from a cat, is opened.

And I expected them to wear masks but too many people still don’t.  They did anytime they were inside or on the outside working on the window opening. “

Jackie Stiles Dodgeville, WI

“Tri-state custom built a window for an unusual placement and size. That was 4+ years ago and the window continues to be the best view from our home. Thanks, guys, for your excellent service.”

Noah Bocek Spring Green, WI

“They made and installed the windows for our new house. Excellent quality product and service. They did a great job helping us plan out the project and were open to making practically any size we wanted. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for new windows.”

Desiree Burke Dodgeville, WI

“Tri-state did our first home. They installed all new windows and were very personable and professional. They’ve since replaced all the windows in our office building and did an excellent job. I would recommend these guys over anyone – hands down. Great job.”

Jose Santin Madison,WI  

“You offer an outstanding quality and service for an affordable price. You are trustworthy and knowledgeable and take pride in your work. What sealed the deal for us was learning about how you came to own the business, learning from the Amish gentlemen that owned it before you.”

Carol Chitwood Dodgeville,WI  

“Dear TriState Windows, I just wanted to thank you for your patience in working with me as I struggled with the decision to replace my windows, all 23 of them. It wasn’t the financial commitment that created such indecision for me but the desire to keep the aesthetic value of my home intact. I never thought I could like anything new as much as I loved the look of the old, but I am so pleased that I do. I am Having fun with these windows. I love opening them from the top to catch the breezes but allows my papers to remain where I have set them. I love keeping them clean as they move so easily and are a snap to unhinge from the inside. I love the grids being between the glass which really makes cleaning them a breeze. Cleaning windows is a joy. My energy bill arrived. I am spending much less and am far more comfortable temperature-wise in this house now, than I have ever been in the last 23 years. I no longer pull the shades or drapes to keep the heat out which means I have daylight inside. Lucy and Ethel are loving it! You make a high quality product for an affordable price. You service with a smile and are so patient with the indecisive. Thank you. Your success is a product of your hard work and an ability to serve May all the windows you see through be yours. Carol Chitwood”

Tyler Smith Madison, WI

“High quality products from high quality people. The Thomas brothers really know their stuff when it comes to windows.”


Timmens Montfort,WI  

“We are very pleased with the windows. Thank you.”


Tom DeLain Dodgeville,WI

“Windows were very easy to install. We wish we had put in two more.”

The Senson’s Madison,WI  

“Excellent, Professional, service with a smile.”


Keric Potterton Dodgeville,WI  

“I think you guys are doing great! Fast and professional- windows look great.”


Don Majeski Dodgeville,WI  

“Very Satisfied with the windows, the windows added value to our home. I would recommend these to anyone.”


Greg & Lori Mumm Dodgeville,WI  

“Very impressed on the cleanup after installing the windows. Nice job/ Thank you”

James and Sara McAninch Dodgeville,WI

“Kerby & Kelby- Thank you very much for the exceptional job you did with our window installation on 10/13/10. We were very impressed with your courtesy, professionalism & the efficiency at which you worked. It was a pleasure dealing with you! James & Sara McAninch”


Tom Thoreson Dodgeville,WI  

“Great product- Great job installing- keep up the good work!”