Our Windows

Our standard glass type is LoE-366. This type of glass has 3 layers of silver coating, blocking more solar heat gain and harmful ultraviolet rays. Compared to regular glass, LoE-366 reduces heat gain by up to 64%. It also blocks 95% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. LoE-366 is manufactured by Cardinal Glass Industries and is one of our many options for glass. For more information about specific glass types, visit Cardinal’s website at  http://www.cardinalcorp.com/.

Argon Gas Argon gas is the most commonly used insulator and it comes standard on all of our windows. Argon is is more dense than air. This creates a wall between the air outside and the air inside your home which prevents the temperature outside from affecting the temperature inside your home.

Low E Low-E stands for Low-Emittance. Low-E is a thin coating that is virtually invisible. It consists of metal or metallic oxide layers that are deposited on a window’s glazing surface. The Low-E coating lowers the heat flow through the window by blocking radiant heat, thus reducing energy costs. The coating also helps prevent fading of curtains, pictures, sheets, and other light sensitive objects in your home. It is estimated that the average household could save $240 every year by installing Low-E argon windows.

Energy Efficient The frame of a window plays a significant role when you determine whether or not a window is energy efficient. Windows made from vinyl have moderate to high R-values, meaning that they are more resistant to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the resistance, thus higher energy efficiency.

Hand Welded Our frames are durable and dependable. Every frame we manufacture is welded together by hand, ensuring quality craftsmanship with each window.

No Painting Needed Vinyl, unlike wood, does not need to be stained or painted, which will save you money in the long run.

Vinyl Colors  

White, South Dakota Brown, Sand-tone, and Beige

Dark Wood, Cherry, and Light Wood

Window Shapes If you are having trouble picking out a window for your home, try a new shape. We make simple shapes like circles, octagons, pentagons and half-circles. We can also make complex shapes like Bell-Tops, Ellipse, Eyebrow, Gothic, and Palladian.

Grid Patterns There are many different options to choose from when it comes to window grids. Different patterns are suitable for different types of homes. You can also change the color and texture of each grid.[/learn_more]

Every window comes with a screen that can be put in from the inside of the house. We also repair old screens that have taken years of abuse.

From our beginning in 2001, Tri State Custom Windows has focused on efficiency. From our Energy Star certified windows to our manufacturing process, we take special care with regard to the environment. All of our equipment in the shop runs on air compression. This helps to cut down on the amount of electricity we use. We also make sure to recycle all of the vinyl and aluminum scraps that can not be used. The aluminum we use to make our screens is predominantly 3105 alloy. This aluminum contains approximately 75% recycled aluminum and 25% prime aluminum ingot. 100% of the 3105 aluminum is recyclable.
This saves money while protecting the environment.

According to the Consumer Federation of America, the average American household spends $1,500 per year on energy costs. By installing energy efficient windows you can reduce your energy bills by one-third. Not only does this make financial sense, but in a world of limited global resources it becomes relevant to consider environmental realities.
Consumers are becoming increasingly conscientious in making purchasing decisions based on whether resources can be reusable or recyclable. By using products that reduce energy consumption, you can help diminish your environmental footprint.